Stille Nacht - Heilige Nacht, alles schläft, einsam wacht... von wegen: Weihnachten wird dieses Jahr wieder einmal ganz anders gefeiert... 


Zuletzt 2013. Zusammen mit dem MAGNUM OPUS ROCKESTRA (Dirigent Marcel Heijnen), einem 32 Mann starkem Symphonieorchester, begleitet von der METALFORCE 1 Rockband und angeführt von Sängern/Sängerinnen,  welche die Metalszene in den letzten Jahren und Jahrzenten entscheidend beeinflusst und mit geprägt haben konnte CHRISTMAS METAL SYMPHONY zur eisig kalten Vorweihnachtszeit dem Publikum so richtig einheizen. Folgende Stargäste warwn 2013 bestätigt: JOEY BELLADONNA (ANTHRAX), CHUCK BILLY (TESTAMENT), JOACIM CANS (HAMMERFALL), UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER (EX-ACCEPT), FLOOR JANSEN (NIGHTWISH), MICHAEL KISKE (EX-HELLOWEEN)... sie alle performten die "all time favorite Metal-Songs"...


Als Musical Direktor konnte die Produktion Joost van den Broek gewinnen. Eine neue Tournee ist für Dezember 2016 in Planung und führt die Produktion wieder durch viele Länder Europas.






If you are bored of all the Christmas celebrations with your family; we hereby present you the best alternative to escape that reality!  Get your agenda’s out for your personal Christmas Party metalstyle; we are proud to present you CHRISTMAS METAL SYMPHONY…a metalized Christmas tale.


It is a well known secret in the world of international metalfans that Tilburg in the Netherlands was host of this impressive metalshow for two years. As a direct result of the succes of these shows, many tour shows have been presented all over Europe in 2013. But the requests for bringing it to Europe again kept growing.  Now, we believe that the time is right to fulfill these wishes  and bring this monster on the road, again - 2016 edition to be announced sson!


CHRISTMAS METAL SYMPHONY comes with fantastic international metalvocalists (who’s names will be announced soon), a six piece metalband with musicians from bands like Epica, After Forever and Stream of Passion and our impressive 32-piece symphonic orchestra. CHRISTMAS METAL SYMPHONY is definately a one of a kind metalshow. With only the all time favorites metalsongs on the playlist; from prog to trash, from industrial to death metal and from speed to NWOBHM, this show brings you everything you ever wanted to ask Santa for Christmas.


Musical-director of Christmas Metal Symphony is JOOST VAN DEN BROEK (ex-After Forever) who joined forces with the MAGNUM OPUS ROCKESTRA. This impressive symphonic orchestra is unique in its kind, since all musicians are long term classical trained but real rock and metalfans by heart. It’s safe to say that they will deliver the icing on the Christmaspudding!


Having said that, the heavy backbone of the show is METALFORCE 1.  These musicians in the 2013 edition were handpicked by Joost van den Broek and these Santa’s Little Helpers contain some of the finest  metalartists: MARCEL COENEN (Gitaar / Sun Caged), JOHAN VAN STRATUM (Bas / Stream of Passion), ABEL CARNIZALES (Gitaar / Labirintho) JEFFREY REVET  (Keyboards / Stream of Passion), KOEN HERFST (Drums / Epica) and, of course, JOOST VAN DEN BROEK  himself  on keyboards.


Over the last 35 years of metalmusic, bands have written many conceptalbums and conceptshows; great stories and fantastic songs. The team of Christmas Metal Symphony therefore decided that with the impressive heritage of  all these great metalsongs ever written,  it would be a shame not to use them. So for this reason you can expect performances of your all time favorite metalsongs, by some of the best international artists who are part of that great metalhistory themselves. All of this in a great Christmas and Metal setting and brought to you as a full metalshow; loud and extremely powerfull…just like the doctor ordered!


What a great way to celebrate your Christmas.... back on tour again in December 2016


What you need to know about CHRISTMAS METAL SYMPHONY


Q: Is Christmas Metal Symphony a genuine metalshow?

A: Hell Yeah! It is a mean, loud and speedy Metal Party that will take you through Christmas time….


Q: What is the function of the classical orchestra in the show?

A The orchestra will add even more power to the show, since not all songs will be with orchestra. Those songs who have orchestral arrangements will even sound meaner and louder that everything else….


Q: What if I am a huge fan of speed and trash metal…?

A: Then you came to the right place; just look at the video’s on this website and the video’s on YouTube that were made by fans on the last CMS shows.

(Search for: Christmas Metal Symphony)


Q: Is there official CMS merchandise available on this tour?

A: Yes, we will bring great shirts to the shows. You can pre-order them via the website www.christmasmetalsymphony.com and pick them up at the show of your choice. Check the merchandisepage on this site that will be online soon.


Q: Why is this tour not coming to my country this year?

A: We were limited to the agenda’s of the artists on this tour, so the answer is actually simple: we just don’t have enough time…but we would love to come to your country!


Q: Where can I buy my tickets for this tour?

A: Check the “tour dates”  page on this site, click on the date of your choice and you will get a direct link to the (local) points of sale.